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Studio A

The right studio can make or break your rehearsal or recording project. North Albany Studios’ Studio A is the right choice for music, film, photography, and theater because it offers natural light, high ceilings, and green-screen capabilities.  And its acoustics are beyond compare. Studio A comes equipped with a PA, five-piece drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, lounge facilities, and more. All areas are handicapped accessible.

Studio A rents for $30 per hour or for a daily rate of $250.

Rehearsal Rooms

  • Clean, heated rehearsal rooms with separate electrical to each for a clean power.
  • Superior building maintenance and security.
  • Ample street parking.
  • 24 hour access.
  • Rooms that range in size from 10×13 to 20×24.
  • Competitive pricing: rooms from $250-$400 per month.

Contact Us – (518) 368-8485